List of Science Kits and the number of kits we have to loan.  For a description of the kits, visit the Carolina site.

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Kit Name Grade Level # of Kits
Balls and Ramps 1st – 3rd   1
Water and Bubbles 1at – 3rd   1
Balance and Motion 2nd – 3rd   1
Wood and Paper 2nd – 3rd   1
Lifting Heavy Things 2nd – 3rd   1
Magnets and Motors 2nd – 5th   1
Changes in States 2nd – 5th   3
Measuring Time 2nd – 5th   1
Properties of Matter 3rd – 5th   1
Motion and Design 3rd – 5th   1
Liquids and Solids 3rd – 5th   1
Electrical Circuits 3rd – 5th   1
Elec. Energy & Circuit Design Middle School   1
Energy, Machine, & Motion MIddle School   1
Vernier Probe Kit – pH, Motion, Temp Middle School   1