About Oregon DATA Project

Trainings in support of the Oregon DATA Project

held by the High Desert ESD have focused on:

• identifying, unwrapping and prioritizing Oregon State Standards
• developing Common Formative Assessments tied to the content and skills included in those standards
• development and ongoing work of Data Teams.

Through these trainings, local districts now have staff not only involved in this work and seeing achievement results in their students, but also have the capacity to keep this work going through the certification of several staff to provide these trainings as needed within their districts saving both time and money while keeping the efforts ongoing. Much of this work has been at the Elementary level.

Through the 2009-10 school year the next step in this process was to bring in Secondary staff. More than 70 staff from districts from 4 ESDS (Lake, Harney, High Desert and Jefferson) spent more than 6 days unwrapping Math and Science Standards and developing Assessments based upon those prioritized standards. The products of that work can be view by clicking this link:Unwrapping Standards.

In August 2010, Dr. Kevin Feldman will provide a two day workshop focused on how Secondary Administrators/leaders can be Instructional Leaders in their schools supporting the great work their staff did on the Math and Science standards last year.

Data teams/Goal teams/Professional Learning Communities are now successfully analyzing student data on a regular bases in our districts, adjusting their teaching to better meet the needs of students and seeing increased student achievement as a result!