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Contact Information

DCF-East Bend Campus 2125 NE Daggett Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-749-2133 Fax: 541-585-3607

Lori Colvin

Regional Program Manager

541-749-2138 lori.colvin@hdesd.org

Laura Aaland

Home Visitor

541-280-3487 laura.aaland@hdesd.org

Candy Aumack-Freiboth

Eligibility Screener

541-977-6457 candy.aumack-freiboth@hdesd.org

Barb Ibrahim



Healthy Families of the High Desert is a Oregon Healthy Start Program. It is a voluntary home visiting program that assists families in giving their newborn children a “healthy start” in life. The program offers weekly intensive home visits for first birth, high-need families and a one-time welcome home visit to all families with newborns.


Target Population

Healthy Families of the High Desert targets all families with newborns in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties for basic services (Welcome Home Visit). We offer intensive weekly home visits for first birth families with identified risk factors. Thirty families are in the Parole and Probation of Community Justice Program.

Program Evaluation Data

Quarterly Program Reports are submitted to the Deschutes County Commission on Children and Families. These reports include client statistics, number of births in Deschutes County, number of families served by Ready Set Go, family participation in the Community Youth Investment Program, group activities offered, and number of identified Parole and Probation of Community Justice families. Actual program evaluation by families is not available.


Promoting healthy, empowered families in reaching their full potential by recognizing and building upon individual strengths.