Why is Early Intervention Important?

  • During early life the brain is rapidly developing and is shaped by experiences and interactions. Children learn through routines and every day activities.
  • EI/ECSE services enhance language, social and physical development through play-based interventions and parent coaching.
  • Research indicates that early intervention is effective in promoting developmental progress in infants, toddlers and preschoolers with developmental delays or disabilities.
  • Parent involvement is key to a child’s future school success. EI/ECSE partners with parents to provide children the skills needed to become successful learners.
  • For more detailed information on why EI/ECSE is important, the effectiveness of EI/ECSE on children and society, and the cost effectiveness of EI/ECSE, please visit Kid Source OnLine: www.kidsource.com, type Early Intervention Early Childhood Special Education into the search bar.

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