Daily Goal Setting

Students set daily goals for target behaviors.

Self – Evaluation

Students evaluate their performance on their daily goals.

Social Skill Instruction

Students participate in social skill groups covering a variety of topics including:

  • anger management
  • communicating so others will listen
  • negotiation
  • coping skills

Individual Self-Reflection Activities

Students evaluate their performance daily on target behaviors.

Therapeutic Art Activities

Students utilize clay activities for self expression.

Individual Academic Instruction

Students work on reading, math and writing skills appropriate to meet individual needs.


Referrals are made by a student’s District Student Evaluation Team.

Areas Served

Students in Bend-LaPine, Redmond, and Sisters School Districts.


Behavior Intervention Center

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Contact Information

Brown Education Center
850 SW Antler
Redmond 97756

Students Doing Yoga
Earthquake Drill Practice

Sara Ausman

Special Program Administrator

541-923-4868 x4421


Clara Matsler

BIC/Options Secretary

541-923-4868 x4408

Sandy Bishop

Director of Special Programs


The High Desert Education Service District operates the Behavior Intervention Center for students with behavioral and social challenges that make it difficult for them to be successful in a school setting. The BIC is a regional program offering services to school districts in Redmond, Bend and Sisters. The BIC program offers half-day sessions for students in grades kindergarten to eighth grade. Students spend the remainder of the day in their resident schools interacting and integrating with peers. The BIC program also provides mental health counseling and psychiatric consultation on a limited basis for students with specific needs.