Assistive Technology Services

                   One of the braille machines available from the AT Center Lending Library.

Assistive Technology Tip of the Month

7 Strategies to Promote Student Communication

1.  Keep daily routines and then do somethinbg uhnexpected to disrupt the routine.

2.  Arrange the environment so a student’s communication device is within reach.

3.  Follow the child’s lead by commenting on what he or she says.

4.  Label items using pictures/icons which match the ones the students use.

5.  Ask open ended questions such as “What do you think?”

6.  Give praise and positive attention to their statements.

7.  Provide choices and let them know all options.

The High Desert Education Service District Assistive Technology Resource Center provides assistive technology devices and services to students with disabilities who need them to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

For eligible students, HDESD also provides the specialized and unique services of a physical therapist for assessment, fabrication, customization, and modification of adaptive equipment in order to support the student’s IEP/IFSP Plan or 504 Plan/access to education.

The Assistive Technology Resource Center provides support to Central Oregon EI/ECSE programs and school districts through Assistive Technology services, training, consultation and equipment loan and acquisition.

Contact Information

High Desert ESD AT Center
1212 NE 5th Street Redmond OR 97756
541.689.5736 or 541.689.5734

Amy Joynt

Executive Director of Special Education


Carrie Compton

AT & Aug Com Assistant

Maddie Peterson

AT Assistant