What inspired you to become a substitute teacher?

Finding a job that was flexible around my children.  I stayed home for 10 years to raise them so this has been such a great way to get back into the workforce.  My passion is children and teaching them so what better way to still be able to raise my kids while getting the opportunity to make an impact on other children as well.

How old are your children (and also share what grade they are in)?

 Reese is eleven going into 6th grade, Connor is eight going into 3rd grade and Kent is six going into 1st grade

 How long have you been working in this role?

I have been a substitute teacher for a little under two years.

 What do you like best about being a sub?

I love the ability to reach a whole school full of kids by being like the loving aunt of the school.  They are so excited to see me and I can make a difference on their learning by making them feel safe, loved and valued when their teacher is absent. As a mother I am able to have a relationship with my children as I work.  I have the flexibility to not work when they are sick or to go on field trips etc. with them when those opportunities arise.

What do your kids think about you teaching at their school?

My children love being able to go to work with me each day and seeing me in the halls!  They tell me all the time they are lucky to have their mom as their substitute and love that their friends like me.  They get to establish relationships with the other teachers outside of the school day and really gain a sense of love and community in their school environment.

What would you say to other parents who might be thinking about becoming substitute teachers?

I would say do it!  It’s a moment in your child’s life when you can still be a part of it and make a difference in our schools.  Substitute teaching is such a great way to be a mother who is involved in their children’s school life.  You get to meet their friends and have a relationship with their teachers.  You get to be on the same schedule as them and have the opportunity to teach and foster a love of learning into so many children.  The pay is very good and it is a very rewarding job.

 Anything else?

This is a career I fell into that I am passionate about and would love to help improve.  These children in our school systems need consistent people they can trust and know when their teachers are absent.

Applications are now being accepted – visit the below QR code for more information.