What inspired you to apply for the Juntos Aprendemos manager position?

My decision to apply for the Juntos Aprendemos (JA) manager position was not only influenced by a friend, but also by my unique blend of passion for community service and demonstrated commitment through my tenure at ESDs. This blend, coupled with my captivation by ESDs’ innovative and creative solutions, makes me a strong candidate for the manager position. I was elated at the opportunity to extend this service to the Latin community and nurture early literacy when I learned about the role.

 What were you doing before you accepted this new position, and how did it prepare you for the JA manager role?

Before accepting this new position, I dedicated two years to my doctoral studies and research. Prior to that, I had a fulfilling career at ESD 112 and ESD 105, where I managed various programs for underrepresented ethnic and socioeconomic groups. My deep sense of dedication and commitment to these roles not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also instilled in me a profound understanding of our community’s challenges and needs. This preparation has primed me to excel in the JA manager role and advocate for those who are still finding their voice and potential.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

What truly ignites my passion for this new role is the opportunity to work closely with our team, nurturing their growth and development into resilient leaders. I am deeply excited about the potential impact we can make on the Latin community, particularly with the ‘littles’ (3 to 5-year-olds), who are at a crucial stage of their development. As we prepare them for the transition to kindergarten, I am eager to witness Latin parents discovering their significant role in their children’s education as their first teachers. I eagerly anticipate their growth as they grow with different tools to encourage literacy early and become advocates and influential leaders in their children’s lives for the rest of their careers.

What is the biggest challenge ahead?

The biggest challenge ahead is understanding current funding sources and budgets and how to maximize funds to serve more families. When I have been entrusted with new programs, there is a steep learning curve, such as understanding processes and procedures, gaining staff trust, and developing relationships and trust with existing and new partners.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am deeply grateful for the warm welcome from the HDESD family, the JA team, and our community partners. This warm reception, which I deeply appreciate, has only heightened my eagerness to serve our families and communities. I am truly humbled by the trust and support extended to me, and I am committed to reciprocating this with my utmost dedication and hard work. Your warm welcome has made me feel valued and part of a supportive community, and I am excited to contribute to its growth and success.