“George Cocores and Alicia Fox, with the Early Intervention Evaluation Team, spent some time with our grandson for speech concerns back in July.  Due to COVID, the entire evaluation was virtual.  When they determined Henry could benefit from speech therapy, I wondered how that could be done virtually with a very active 2 year old. I was assured that our folks at High Desert Education Service District are the best and they’d find a way.

Fast forward a couple of months and Henry’s been working with Janet Lee, speech-language pathologist.   It’s a joy to hear him jabbering and using the new words he is learning.  This is the first time I’ve experienced the invaluable services provided through Early Intervention firsthand.  So proud to say I work with the most professional, kind and accommodating people.  They didn’t let this pandemic get in the way of serving children.  The High Desert Education Service District is made up of individuals who are focused on putting kids first.  Our daughter took this great picture of Henry interacting with Janet and learned he is able to focus a little longer when sitting in the high chair.  He was showing her the baseball he’d made.”  — Shelley Knutz