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Central Oregon Regional Phone Services

Extensions and Direct Inward Dials (DIDs) of all locations on the Cisco VoIP system.

Phone Models
phone models

Reference Guides

  • Cisco 69X1 User Training
  • Cisco 6941 Quick Start
  • Cisco 6941 Reference
  • Cisco 78X1 Quick Start
  • Cisco 78X1 User Training
  • Cisco 79X2 Reference
  • Cisco 79X2 User Training
  • Cisco 8811 Quick Start
  • Voice Mail Basic Setup
  • Voice Mail Shortcuts

How Do I?

  • Access Voice Mail from Anywhere
  • Retrieve Deleted Messages
  • Fix Fax Errors
  • Transfer Directly into Voice Mail


VoIP Links

  • Voice Mailbox Website
  • Calling Management for Users
  • TECH – VM Admin
  • TECH – CMSUB Admin