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This form should be filled out prior to submitting an application for grant funds. This allows us to plan and support your program through the grant process. Please direct any questions to Kathy McCollum or Rochelle Friend. 

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Budgeting Through an Equity Lens: A Guide

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Allovue – What is it and how to log in

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If you don’t find what you are looking for or need help with these forms please contact:

Holly Bernhardt at 541-693-5610




If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact:

Angella LaFontaine at 541-693-5612

HDESD Financial Reports

Business Office

Rochelle Friend

Chief Financial Officer

“I can help you with any question you have about Business Services”


Angella LaFontaine

Assist Director of Finance

“I can help you with budgeting and local service plan”


Allison Legg

Sr Regional Purchasing Specialist


“I can help you with purchasing”


Katie Huff

Grant & Contract Analyst

“I can help you with contracts and agreements”

Taryn Arnold

Sr Account

“I can help you with invoicing and deposits”


Holly Bernhardt

Senior Payroll Specialist

“I can help you with payroll & deductions (W4)


Dawn Andresen

Grant Manager

“I can help you with grants”


Maggie Townsend

Admin Assistant / Accounts Payable

“I can help you with reimbursements”


Regional Financial Services (RFS)

RFS GOOGLE SITE (Resources, Training Guides, etc.)

Alea Renner

Regional Financial Systems Administrator

“I can help you with Infinite Visions financial system and workflow solutions”