Working together for the nearly 600,000 students of our state, Oregon’s 19 Education Service Districts are instrumental in building a powerful and equitable system that serves students from birth to age 21.

ESDs respond to the unique and pressing needs of local school districts and communities. Each school district has different needs, and Oregon’s ESDs offers a broad spectrum of solutions. By fostering collaboration and providing economy of scale in service delivery, ESDs:

1. Ensure an equitable and excellent education for all children in the state.
2. Implement the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century.
3. Support the attainment of high standards of performance by Oregon students.
4. Facilitate inter-organizational coordination among education, social service, health care, and employment training agencies.

ESD’s are supported by the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts (OAESD). The purpose of OAESD:

  1. To assist school districts and the Oregon Department of Education in achieving Oregon’s educational goals by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective, and locally responsive educational services at a regional level.
  2. To serve as the parent organization for the Oregon ESD Support Network in order to ensure the equity of, and access to, educational opportunity for all of Oregon’s Children; utilize all Oregon ESDs in a coordinated and integrated approach to focus on statewide implementation of targeted initiatives; and, support the Oregon Department of Education and other state entities in the effective and efficient design and implementation of initiatives requiring statewide or multi-ESD coordination and collaboration.
  3. To coordinate and improve infrastructure to deliver services for school improvement, technology, special education, and administrative services; establish cooperative regional programs among ESDs, school districts, and partners; provide leadership to develop innovative processes and practices to meet the needs of local districts, students and families; promote cost efficiency through collaborative service models; and, provide equitable access and opportunities for all students.

To learn more about OAESD, read their 2021 Overview.

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