About Sign Language Interpreters (SLI)

What is an Educational Interpreter?

According to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), an Educational Interpreter is defined as follows;

This specially trained professional facilitates communication among students who are deaf, school staff, and hearing students. He/she functions as a member of the educational team per IDEA regulations and may be an important part of the support services provided to students who are deaf. The educational interpreter conveys the content, intent, and affect of the speaker through interpretation. The educational interpreter may also provide tutorial assistance under the guidance of a licensed educator, either the general education teacher and/or teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing. The educational interpreter facilitates communication for the student during school hours and school-related activities. In addition the educational interpreter may act as a resource or provide training to staff and students.

These guidelines do not address educational assistants who may be assigned to work with students. There is a distinction between the role of an Educational Assistant versus an ASL Assistant and the Educational Interpreter. Educational Assistants and ASL Assistants are not qualified to interpret for the student as defined in OAR 581-015-2035. See OAR 581-037-0005 through 581-037-0025 for regulations on Educational Assistants. Please contact the local Regional Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program for assistance.