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January 4th is celebrated around the world as Braille Day since Louis Braille, the inventor of braille was born on January 4, 1809.
Braille is a code made out of combinations of 6 raised dots.  In High Desert ESD we currently have 8 students that are learning or using braille.  While some students will use it for their main reading and writing medium others might use a combination of print and braille.  For instance, we have older students with limited vision that will read braille room numbers or other environmental signs.  Other students use a combination of braille and tactual symbols.

Video of the Month


Sensory Pathway at Tom McCall Elementary School

ESD Occupational Therapist Taryn DuBose collaborated with school staff to install sensory pathways in some of the schools she serves in Bend and Redmond. Sensory pathways are a structured, fun and engaging way for students to work on skills such as: motor planning, bilateral coordination, balance, spatial awareness and breathing/calming strategies. The pathways also serve as a fun way to get proprioceptive (our sense related to body position) and vestibular (our sense related to position against gravity and acceleration) sensory input which is thought to impact attention and focus. Additionally, the pathways can serve as a way of students getting extra energy out or getting more movement in when needed as well as acting as a tool for students to navigate challenging emotions. Pathways can also be a tool for integrating movement with learning such as placing sight words or math facts on parts of the pathway for students to read or solve along the way. Integrating movement with learning can facilitate retention and be fun at the same time. 



 2019 CORP Hot Cocoa Day

CORP hosted its annual Hot Cocoa Day on Decemeber 18, 2019. Hot Cocoa, Cinder and yummy snacks were enjoyed by all!

Upcoming Events


Family Start Group for families of children with TBI
May 1, 2020 – Statewide Concussion Conference for Educators

Central Oregon Regional Program (CORP)

Services Provided may Include
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Consultation/Coaching
  • Direct Instruction
  • Evaluation
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Provides Support to Eligible Students in 7 Counties

  • Deschutes
  • Crook
  • Harney
  • Jefferson
  • Gilliam
  • Wheeler
  • Sherman

Vision Statement
Collaborating to overcome barriers to achieve educational success.

Mission Statement
Increase educational access by providing specialized instruction and supports to districts, families, and students ages birth to 21.

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