TBI/Concussion Resources for Educators

Steps to support your student

Contact Your School Or District TBI Coach

Check with your school administrator to find out if your school or District has a local TBI coach that can work with you to identify and support your student’s needs. If your school or District does not have a local TBI coach, contact the High Desert Education Service District’s Regional TBI Liaison for Central Oregon who may be able to help coordinate services in partnership with you.

Access Teacher Tools & Resources

Visit the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) website for a wealth of tools and evidence-based information designed specifically for educators working with students who have suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury. CBIRT has a comprehensive library of downloadable information and instructional tools to help you and your student find successful academic strategies post-concussion or traumatic brain injury. CBIRT is designed to help Oregon educators learn about brain injury, identify, evaluate, plan assistive technology, write IEPs for students and help with transitions.

Contact The Oregon Brain Injury Resource Network (OBIRN)

For personalized searches of literature and resources, contact Laura Beck at (877) 872-7246 or email her at tbi@wou.edu.

Eligibility & Referrals

Service Eligibility

Services are available to children and students who are identified as having an educational eligibility for TBI services and have been referred by the local school districts or EI/ECSE program.


For school-age children referrals for an evaluation are made by a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team or their district’s special education office. For children birth to five, referrals are made through their early intervention or early childhood special education team.

Central Oregon Concussion & TBI Partnerships

The Concussion & TBI program is a partnership between:

  • High Desert Education Service District
  • Central Oregon School Districts
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT)

Learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury.

Teacher Tools

Transition Tool Kit


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Tim Feeney-Structured Flexibility

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