About AT Services

The Assistive Technology (AT) Resource Center serves children birth -21 years of age with a disability in the selection, acquisition, and/or use of an assistive technology device. We provide support educators and families with:

  • Consultation and collaboration
  • Assistance in developing and implementing communication systems
  • Staff training regarding the use of communication techniques and devices
  • Problem solving/troubleshooting equipment and software
  • Equipment loan library

Assistive Technology Team

The AssistiveTechnology team is made up of special educators, IEP/IFSP teams, speech and language pathologists, and equipment and support managers. These experts collaborate with vision specialists, deaf and hard of hearing specialists, autism specialists. occupational therapists and physical therapists.


Referrals for an Assistive Technology are made by a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) team.

AT Devices

An Assistive Technology device is any item, piece of equipment or product system — whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized — that is used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of students with disabilities. The HDESD maintains an equipment loan library of more than 4000 devices. AT devices range from “low tech” (pencil grips, splints, paper stabilizers) to “high tech” (computers, computer systems, voice synthesizers, braille readers).


  • High Desert ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
  • North Central ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Consideration of Assistive Technology

As a Special Consideration, IEP teams are required to consider whether Assistive Technology devices and services are needed for a  student to access their education (FAPE).  This requires discussion about specific tasks that a student has difficulty with.  Almost always there is an IEP goal that reflects students difficulties.