Sensing, Acting, Learning: Strategies for Fragile Learners

High Desert Education Service District News Item

Over 50 central Oregon Life Skills teachers, assistants and Regional staff were treated to a day of training on February 27th. “Sensing, Acting, Learning: Strategies for Fragile Learners” was presented by Millie Smith.  Millie has been a teacher of the visually impaired and deaf-blind for over 30 years at the Texas School for the Blind and the Dallas Independent School District.

We were fortunate to have her come to Central Oregon and share her wealth of knowledge and expertise.  The training focused on the unique educational needs of this population by using research-based strategies to design highly effective instructional activities.

The activity taking place in this photo: the person who closed their eyes was a student, the other person was the teacher. The teacher was presenting an object to the student by mostly using touch and the student was to identify that item.

Participants voiced their appreciation of Millie’s presentation:

“Thank You! I really appreciate the direct connection to medical and research.”

“Absolutely fabulous training! Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“So kind, so respectful of questions from the group; cross training for the entire IEP team; great blend of evidence based/common sense approach; such a great teacher!”

“I could sit through training with Millie any day. Great training. Can’t wait to implement and get the staff on board.”

“Enjoyed the videos demonstrating hand-under-hand and various games. Excellent training. Thank you!

“Inspiring – can’t wait to get started. Best training I’ve been to in a long time.”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to attend with my lead teacher. Allowing educational assistants to attend was great for me. I feel connected to what is in the future best interest for our kids!”

“I will rethink my approach to the strategies I have used for years.”

“Exceeded my expectation! I have new ideas that I am eager to try with my students!”