Staff Car Reservation

HDESD has two automobiles available for staff business use; a Toyota Prius located in Redmond at the HDREC and a Chevy Impala located in Bend at the Bend Education Center. To reserve and use the Prius or Chevy Impala, follow these simple instructions.

To reserve or view availability you must first have access to the calendars for each vehicle.  If you do not have calendar access, follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Google calendar.
2. Add the shared Toyota Prius and/or the Chevy Impala calendar(s) to your calendar. On left hand side of screen type and select “Toyota Prius” in the box labeled “Add a coworker’s calendar” under “Other calendars.”
3. Follow same process to add the second car’s calendar if you would like.
4. Once you’ve added and selected the calendar(s) you can view busy and free times for each of the vehicles.

To reserve a vehicle:

1. Confirm the vehicle is available for the time period you would like on the Google calendar.
2. Add your appointment and car request by selecting the day of your appointment on your calendar.  This will open an “Event” box. Select “Edit event”.
3. Enter pertinent event details, including the auto you wish to reserve in the “Add guests” box on the right hand side of the screen, either “Toyota Prius” or “Chevy Impala”.
4. Select “Save” when finished. This will add the event to your calendar and will send an invite to either the Toyota Prius or Chevy Impala calendar which will be confirmed by Jamie.
5. You will receive an email confirmation if the vehicle is available. Call Jamie Benton at extension 2009 if you are unable to reserve through Google.

Use of car:

1. Prior to initial use of car, read and sign the HDESD automobile procedures and terms of use.  A form is available from Jamie.
2. Pick up Toyota Prius keys from Jamie Benton at HDREC in Redmond or Chevy Impala keys from Meg Shanahan at BEC (room 216, extension 2104).
3. Follow procedures and terms of use.
4. At end of trip, document mileage on the in-car trip log and return keys to Jamie or Meg.