Strategic Priorities

Together, engaging students to succeed. 



Improve student outcomes with EXCELLENCE, EQUITY and EFFICIENCY.

Strategic Priorities

Implement best practices for educators gleaned from INVESTIGATION, INNOVATION and INCUBATION of ideas and efforts from the public and private sectors.

  • Foster education opportunities from birth to career
    • Increase student access to education
    • Advocate regionally for birth to career education opportunities
    • Garner funds for programs and services
  • Provide value to our school districts, families and other customers
    • Provide services on behalf of our districts due to cost, politics or expertise
    • Listen to and meet the needs of our constituents
    • Employ individuals with experience and expertise
  • Bridge gaps and bring people together
    • Build coalitions and partnerships
    • Look for and respond to unmet needs
    • Enhance state and regional presence – Advocate and inform