A visit from Greywolf

During their unit on forest animals, Larson Learning Center/Footsteps Preschool children enjoyed a visit from Greywolf.  The children were excited to hug and cuddle with her.

Larson Learning Center/Footsteps Preschool is a Early Childhood Special Education program that offers special services and supports to families with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities or experiencing developmental delays.

Searching for the Great Pumpkin

Children from the Early Childhood Special Education class in Redmond took advantage of a beautiful day in search for the great pumpkin. This youngster took his time before finding the right one. Thank You Central Oregon Pumpkin Patch for providing a great experience for the children.

A Learning Experience in the Forest

Visually Impaired students from Redmond, Crook County, and Bend La Pine Schools schools got the opportunity to get up close and personal with various wild life at Skyliner Lodge in Bend. The Audubon Society was there to share their knowledge on various birds and the sounds they make.  Did you know that the Meadowlark is Oregon’s state bird? Forest Service biologist were also present to share and show information on bobcats, bears, and eagles. Students got to touch various animal skulls, feathers of large prey as well as their talons. A great day for learning in the outdoors!


Student Success

“When Max was younger, like many other students, he had difficulty with making changes in his schedule or doing unexpected tasks. He has been given a lot of opportunities to learn how to express his feelings and was coached on how to communicate his needs by staff at school, parents and HDESD staff. When this picture was taken, he was very flexible with the changes required and willingly agreed to come to an alternative location to set up for an unscheduled activity. He has matured a lot over the years and will be moving on to Middle school in the fall. As you can see he has a lot of joy in him. I will miss working with him and his family.”

Joyce Brown, Retired HDESD Occupational Therapist, pictured with Max.

What is the High Desert Education Service District?

HDESD is a publicly-funded agency that partners with local school districts to provide high-quality, cost-effective and locally responsive education services at a regional level. These services range from business, legal, and administrative support to school improvement efforts and special education programs.

What types of services do we provide?

Services for Children with Special Needs

We partner with local school districts to provide services to families and students who are at risk or have special educational needs.

School Improvement Services

We provide consultation, on-site and regional professional development, consortiums, grant projects, and student programs.

Administrative Services

We support business, administrative and operational functions for HDESD and partner school districts. Other services are also available to support home and alternative learning.

Information Services

We offer a wide range of information technology and instructional support services to both HDESD and school district staff.

Latest News

“Night Owl” comes to Early Childhood classroom

Paul Moore and his sons, Aaron and Cameron, from the band “Night Owl” recently visited Doyce and Mandy’s classes at the Early Childhood Special Education program in Redmond. They played classics such as: We Are the Dinosaurs…Pig On Her... read more

Technology Rich Classrooms Transform Learning in Redmond

Three years ago the Redmond School District, in partnership with the High Desert ESD, implemented a grant for using technology to enhance writing skills in nine classrooms in the district. These classrooms received Chromebook computers for students along wtih other... read more

Thank You Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation!

  Healthy Families of the High Desert recently received a $10,000 grant from Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation.  This funding will provide Mental Health support through counseling and parent groups to families experiencing a high level of stress or other mental... read more

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Additional Partners
We also partner with:

  • Jefferson County 509J School District
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  • Harney Education Service District
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