Instructional Coaching guides Continued Learning

ESD’s Central Oregon Regional Program (CORP) staff participates in coaching training in an effort to enhance their skills in working with school teams. They are learning ways to blend their consultation skills with coaching skills to increase the implementation of effective strategies/interventions for students. They meet with an Instructional Coach who guides their continued learning. The next step in the process is to partner with a colleague, shadow each other in the field, and then dialogue for the purpose of gaining insight into practices. In addition, a coaching leadership cohort was formed this year, for the purpose of supporting staff in the development of coaching skills and to continue to nurture conversations regarding professional practice.

PBIS Conference Registration Now Open

The High Desert ESD is proud to announce the 7th Annual Central Oregon PBIS Conference, Monday, April 11th, 2016.

Each member of a crew team brings a specific strength, and together they slip into a sweet spot called the “swing.” In this swing, the boat powers through the water with efficient, effective grace.

When we as educators come together, bringing our unique skills, we too can find a swing that empowers and supports students to maximize their purpose and potential.

This conference invites you to rally your team together, each finding your respective seat on the boat.

Register now for PBIS:



Working Together to Improve Student Outcomes in Central Oregon

Last night, more than seventy representatives of K-12 school districts and education service districts across Central Oregon met with local legislators to discuss priority topics regarding education.  High Desert Education Service District hosted the Central Oregon K-12 Legislative Forum, Wednesday, January 20th.  In attendance were Senator Tim Knopp, Senator Ted Ferrioli, Representative Mike McLane, Representative Gene Whisnant, Representative Knute Buehler, and Representative John Huffman.  Topics of discussion included Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and K-12 Special Education, PERS Reform, Career Technical Education and High School Fifth-year programs.  At the meeting, Legislators and attendees heard and responded to presentations from local school board members and educators.  Participants were pleased to take part in the forum with the common interest of improving student outcomes in Central Oregon.

There is Always Something that Works

The Regional Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) team hosted a state-wide training on December 14 and 15th titled “There is Always Something that Works” with nationally acclaimed speaker, teacher and researcher, Tim Feeney.  Nearly 180 Educators from around the state came to learn about collaborative supports for individuals with brain injury and challenging behaviors. No one ever leaves empty handed from this training; teachers always have a tool they can put in place the next day for a student who is struggling to regulate their behavior.  Dr. Feeney then spent the following three days working directly with students and staff in three of our local school districts.

Thank you HDESD Board of Directors for putting children first!

While our resources are limited, our gratitude to our board members for their time and dedication is limitless. These nine individuals spend countless hours working with staff to ensure we are able to provide excellent service to all of the districts in the region. Their dedication to the High Desert ESD Board directly impacts the wonderful children we have the privilege of serving and supports the amazing programs we provide for them. Without their steadfast leadership we could not direct so much time and attention to the children and their families. May they be rewarded tenfold for donating their most valuable resource – time!

What is the High Desert Education Service District?

HDESD is a publicly-funded agency that partners with local school districts to provide high-quality, cost-effective and locally responsive education services at a regional level. These services range from business, legal, and administrative support to school improvement efforts and special education programs.

What types of services do we provide?

Services for Children with Special Needs

We partner with local school districts to provide services to families and students who are at risk or have special educational needs.

School Improvement Services

We provide consultation, on-site and regional professional development, consortiums, grant projects, and student programs.

Administrative Services

We support business, administrative and operational functions for HDESD and partner school districts. Other services are also available to support home and alternative learning.

Information Services

We offer a wide range of information technology and instructional support services to both HDESD and school district staff.

Latest News

Teacher of Excellence in Driver Education awarded to Kathy Levine

Kathy Levine, Driver Education assistant manager, was recently awarded ‘Teacher of Excellence in Driver Education’ through the Oregon Department Traffic Safety Education Association. Kathy said, “Driver Education is my passion and I love it.  I have been working for HDESD since 2008 and have loved every minute of it.  It is such a wonderful feeling when you are working with kids and trying to help them understand something, then all of a sudden “BING,” understanding shines through and then they start demonstrating it correctly. It is a great feeling to watch them succeed and feel good about themselves.”  Congratulations... read more

Having fun while learning

The Redmond Early Childhood speech class could not have picked a better day to head to the Central Oregon Pumpkin Patch in Terrebonne.  In addition to seeing a variety of animals, selecting pumpkins, and making their way through the corn maze, they were also treated to a train ride. At each activity, while the children were having fun, teachers were busy emphasizing letters…such as the letter ‘T’ in train and having students repeat the word. A fun learning experience for... read more

Spotlighting Central Oregon Regional Vision Production Center

Mary Engle, Renee O’Grady, and Linda Rau, our three skilled and specialized Vision Program Assistants are responsible for many duties, from working directly with students to materials adaptation. One of these specialized skills is the volumes of materials produced daily in a variety of formats for students across our Central Oregon School Districts. They use a combination of high tech programs to scan, translate and emboss braille or large print. They provide everything from content material such as Science, Literature, History to sight word lists, and spelling lists. Tactile graphics include books for preschool students, the Periodic Table for Chemistry, Geometry, Math, or maps. These ladies can do it... read more

Our Central Oregon School District Partners

Additional Partners
We also partner with:

  • Jefferson County 509J School District
  • Black Butte School District
  • Culver School District
  • North Central Counties School District
  • Harney Education Service District
  • Jefferson Education Service District
  • Grant Education Service District
  • Lake Education Service District
  • Southern Oregon Education Service District
  • Umatilla/Morrow Education Service District